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franklin nc websites website designerI’m Lee Cloer, Franklin, NC resident, and a 1988 Franklin High School graduate. I’m a husband to one and father of two, a daughter, and a son. I graduated Western Carolina University in 2001, and I currently work for Duotech Services, an aerospace defense company located in Franklin.


I stay pretty busy with work and family activities, but I try to find time to coach my son’s little league baseball and basketball teams, be an active servant for Holly Springs Baptist Church, travel with Blue Ridge as the Technical Manager, and help in WNC’s Toys for Tots program.

I am a charter member (’97) of the Marine Corps League in Franklin, NC where I served as the Commandant for 4 years. I’m previously I’ve been a member of the American Legion and am a board member of the Veterans Memorial of Macon County.

Marine Corps

In 1988 I took my Senior trip, nervously passing through the front gates of Parris Island, SC, home of Marine Recruit Training Depot. Across the lone bridge you had to cross to enter and exit the island waited four angy men eager to spend the next three months converting me from a slimey civilian to a United States Marine. Oh the magic of those days… For the purpose of those that understand I was assigned to 3 Battalion, India Company, Platoon 3005 from Oct 88 – Jan 89.

In the Marine Corps my tour would be spent as a Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Defense Specialist. The Marines offered me a chance to travel the world on Uncle Sam’s dime, serving with the 4th Marine Expeditionary Brigade in Desert Storm. I have been overseas to Abu Dhabi, Dhubai UAE, Rota Spain, and Haifa Israel. And I can’t forget the college money I got to help pay for school…

U.S. Forest Service

I worked from 92-2001 with the US Forest Service as a residential advisor in Job Corps. During most of this time in managed a 40 man dorm of 16 – 24 year old men studying to get their GED and learning a trade to become productive members in our societies all around the country. During this time I also served as a wildland firefighter crew chief. I have fought forest fires across the U.S. and it’s probably the biggest thing I really missed about the Forest Service.

Dnet Internet Services / SiteDart Hosting

In December 2001 I came to Dnet Internet Services as a web designer. I moved from graphics web designer to eventually managing the web services team. I served as the Social Media Marketing specialist for SiteDart and as an Inbound Marketing Strategist.

Duotech Services

In June 2014 I began the next stage of my career as the Marketing Manager for Duotech Services, an aerospace and defense company located in Franklin, NC.

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