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“How do I get my website to the very top of the search engine page for [some keyword]?”

It’s not a hard thing question to answer. It comes down to the time frame, the competitiveness of the keywords, and your budget.

Pay per Click (PPC) vs Organic

Pay per click is when you pay for placement. This can be done on a search engine like Google.

There are many different types of Google ads. But it comes down to researching your key phrases, identifying what the average costs per click is to get your ad shown, bidding on that phrase (willing to spend more than others willing to pay the PPC amount).

You can control the budget daily or over other periods. With the right budget and bidding this can get your website to the top pretty quickly. But it stays as long as your willing to pay.

Organic results are when your website hopefully shows up at the top of a search results page but may take time to climb there.

Depending on the competitiveness of the key phrases you are targeting, these results are accomplished using search engine optimization and blogging. If you are blogging regularly you can often turbocharge your results.

Search engine optimization is a primary building block during the development of your website. Blogging is what will help you after your website is live to the world.

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