Running your business can get in the way of growing your business.
You probably have a website you’ve had built in the past few years
At one time it was your shiny special project…it was checking off a box as a new business owner.
After a few months of launching it…the newness wore off…you just forgot about it…
It’s been a while since you’ve done anything to it…even visited it yourself.

The only time it crosses your mind is when you get an email about your domain name and website renewals each year.
Then you think, “this is the year I take “MyRestaurantDomain.com” to the next level… get it polished up.
Then business gets in the way. It’s fine. It happens to lots of small business owners. Their website is ‘good enough’
Its Spring. Or it’s Summer. Or Fall. Winter. Or it’s tax season. or its…
You get the picture. Operating your small business gets in the way of growing your business.
It’s time to put that website to work for you.
As you prepare for your next season of customers, make time to review your website also…put a fresh coat of paint on it…update the pictures…update the wording and addresses. Update those events and lunch menus.
The question I have for you…is your small business website current?
Let’s talk…
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