When we think of video on the internet we probably think of short TikTok clips of three twenty-something-year-old moms doing a mashup choreography of I Like To Move It in the middle of I-85 south during rush hour traffic.

Hey, I don’t make these things up… Fancy Like attention-seeking is a real thing.

Crushing it to Big Gangsta may not be your thing but using video for marketing is something you really should consider for your small business growth. From introductory videos to behind the scene action.

Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content.
Consumers who end up on an e-commerce site through a user-generated video are 184% more likely to purchase and spend 45% more.
Viewers will retain 95% more of the information if they watch a video versus reading the same content.
Consumers who end up on an e-commerce site through a user-generated video are 184% more likely to purchase and spend 45% more.

You should be using video marketing as a way to engage users.
build brand awareness.
build trust between the brand and your customers.

Put a face on your business
First, self promotional videos are the minimum of what you should consider. Getting to know the story of your business, introducing yourself, talking about your services, tell about your passions, why you got into this business – these are a couple of quick and easy videos you can embed into your website.
Think about it… if you have a choice between reading 3 paragraphs on line or watching a video cover that same exact content…which are you more likely to choose.

Product promotions
If you have a hair salon, do a short video showing people your hair products, apply them to someone sitting in your chair, show the after results
Have a landscaping company? Show off your services by video, do a voice-over describing each service but have video of your business performing the service and the final product
How can you demonstrate your product or service in a short 1 to 2 minute video?

One way to demonstrate your expertise is to create short videos showing how to complete a task or provide a service. As a
Just like this video you are watching now, give some ‘how-to’ away for free. They can lead to people who want the videos but can’t or don’t have time to do it. But I hope they demonstrate to you that I know what I’m talking about.

Behind the scenes videos
Behind the scenes videos are popular. People enjoy seeing what it takes to do what you do but like they are there in the shop with you. Share some clips of your landscapers bringing in materials and then professionally installing them. Have someone video you making that cake, showing off your cake decorating skills.

I keep saying ‘short videos’. These videos don’t have to be long. Just long enough to get the point across. Don’t put more in than you need.

If it calls for a 7-minute video tutorial – great.
If it’s only going to be a good 2 minute Get to Know My Business video – that’s great too.

These videos can be hosted on Youtube and then embedded in your page. You can share these youtube videos in your blogs, another great way to increase your leads. Google owns Youtube so having your videos on that channel increases your chances that someone finds your business during a Google search.

The question I have for you…is your small business website current?
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