Is your website just a checkbox – you set it up and forgot about it?
Is it performing for your small business?
Increasing awareness of your products…generating new leads?
Heck, do you even have a website???
If so, how old is the information on it?

Yes, you could build your own small business website using a do-it-yourself service. But as a small business owner trying to RUN your business…

when will you have time to do it?

Hello, I’m Lee Cloer, a resident of Franklin, NC. For close to 20 years I’ve honed my expert skills as a website designer, online marketer, and graphic designer.

During the day I’m the marketing manager of an aerospace company in Franklin. I’m married, a father of two; a son and a daughter.

I served four years in the Marine Corps and I’m a veteran of Desert Storm. After the military, I returned home to the mountains of North Carolina and graduated from Western Carolina University in 2001.

Since then, I’ve helped many small businesses across Western North Carolina, North Georgia, and upstate South Carolina increase their online visibility and grow their leads – leading to their success on the Internet and in their brick and mortar locations

The question I have for you…is your small business next?

It’s the perfect time for you to contact me by email at contact@leecloer.com or call me at 828-342-9405.